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  • Not Your Granddaddy’s Aviation Industry: The Need to Implement Cybersecurity Standards and Best Practices Within the International Aviation Industry

    The international aviation industry’s increased usage of technology has generated new cybersecurity concerns that cannot be ignored. The lack of a global cyber governance makes it difficult to enforce cybersecurity policies. An industry-wide, multistakeholder approach must be taken to develop international standards and best practices for assessing and managing cybersecurity risks. This paper will first address the impact cyber threats and attacks have had on the aviation industry. Next, it will explain how technologies like the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and aircraft wireless internet have made cybersecurity more vulnerable. Third, it will present the basic cybersecurity framework and analyze past attempts by international aviation organizations to execute cybersecurity risk management programs. Finally, it will offer better solutions to evaluate and handle cybersecurity risks in the international aviation industry and suggest that these solutions be combined. Both public sector and private sector support for international standards and best practices is required to significantly strengthen cybersecurity for the entire global aviation industry.