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  • Yesterday's Ideology Meets Today's Technology: A Strategic Prevention Framework for Curbing the Use of Social Media by Radical Jihadists

    The United States is in the middle of a fervent national debate over whether Internet intermediaries could do more to rein in the spread of Salafi-jihadist ideology. In the past, the impact of differences between countries in relation to hate speech was confined within the physical boundaries of these countries. Internet intermediaries and social media in particular however have extended Jihadists’ reach by quantum leaps and thus have changed the rules of the game once and for all. This article, offering novel and comprehensive contributions to the literature on the use of technology to counter violent extremism, will: (1) examine the reasons behind the surge of Salafi-jihadist ideology and the use of ‘religious branding’ as a survival technique; (2) investigate the use of social media by radical groups; (3) identify Internet intermediaries’ deficiency in general and Google’s latest two pilot program initiative in particular to tackle the spread of Jihadi ideology; (4) outline a strategic preventative framework including two promising technical approaches for curbing the use of social media by Jihadist.