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  • Symposium Commentary: The ACA's Other Mandate: Contraceptive Coverage, Conscientious Objection, and Reproductive Rights

    Hearing Sandra talk brought me back to a memory that I was not planning to share but I feel like I should because I’m a Georgetown Law alum myself. I started law school in the fall of 1990, coming from an undergraduate atmosphere where you went to the infirmary, you could get an exam, and you literally left with a paper bag full of a supply of birth control pills. So, I arrived quite naively on Georgetown’s campus and visited the nurse, who couldn’t give me pills or a prescription. I remember having to travel to some place that felt like the middle of nowhere in Maryland, in the dark, by myself one night, trying to find her off-campus clinic so that I could get an exam and get prescription that I could then take back into the city to get filled. I had never had such a complicated experience for something that seemed like just a basic part of a twenty-something’s health care.