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  • Off-Label Use From Injured Consumers Perspective

    I appreciate the introduction. Just listening to that introduction I think to myself, “Gosh, a number of students probably think I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do in life,” since I’ve done so many different things. But the one thing I would just say generally to the audience, and I know there are a lot of students here: in looking at your career, for some reason we all come out of law school and we think we want to get a job at the biggest and best firm, in a city where we want to live, and that’s precisely what I did and that’s why I went to Reed Smith right after law school. But over time I started doing different things, experiencing different cases, the death penalty case I did, for example, had a big impact on me personally in terms of what type of litigation I wanted to do. And so, the piece about me in the brochure says I’m a former Assistant US Attorney, which is typically how I’m introduced, but I’m really a plaintiff’s lawyer.