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The Albany Journal of Science & Technology (SciTech) publishes articles written by gifted professors, practitioners, medical doctors, and scientists; however, a background in science or technology is by no means a prerequisite to membership. Your work throughout the editing process will dramatically improve your general research and writing skills while addressing a broad range of pertinent legal topics. Additionally, each second-year member applies those skills by completing a note or comment addressing a legal issue related to the broad topic of science and technology and is encouraged to submit his or her work for publication.

SciTech offers membership to law students through two different avenues.  Firstly, students who achieve a specified grade point average upon completion of their first year of studies will be offerred membership.  Additionally, membership offers are also extended to exemplary students who, after competing in a writing competition, successfully demonstrate their meticulous attention to detail and superior writing and analytic skills. 

Membership to SciTech is a highly valuable credential and provides indispensable experience and exposure, the benefits of which will continue long into your professional career. Beyond the research and writing skills, assisting in the production of our annual symposium will grant the opportunity to further your career by networking and interacting with many professors and leading intellects from Albany and around the nation. Further, the Journal’s subject matter creates a unique opportunity to learn about cutting edge science and technological developments that will undoubtedly play an integral role in each of our futures.

We sincerely encourage you to consider membership in SciTech.  If you have any questions about SciTech, please do not hesitate to contact our Editor-in-Chief or members of the Editorial Board.